A skydiver wears a reserve parachute, a SCUBA diver should have a reserve breathing system.
From the workplace to watersports, Spare Air produces a compact breathing air system, easy to carry and use, giving the breath of life in your time of need.
For 40 years we’ve supplied emergency-air with the smallest, most-compact redundant system available for out-of-air-emergencies.
The SPARE AIR should be a standard piece of equipment for the safety minded in the workplace or in your spare-time hobby.
In an out-of-air-emergency, why would you trust your life to anything else? Explore the wealth of information about our product, and read stories from divers who are alive because of SPARE AIR.


For SCUBA diving:

For the workplace:  Spare Air Industrial or the HEED3

For Watersports after work: