by John Griffiths In 1991


At OMS we know that each dive you do is a training dive for the next.  You build on your experience with each descent.  As your skills improve, you need gear that will adapt with you based on your dive  location and your various styles of diving.  OMS offers you modular platforms which allow you to fine tune your gear configurations to meet the requirements of your next dive activity.
Today more than ever divers require products that fit their performance needs and tools that will assist in their continual improvement making each dive better than the last.  Diving is changing and so are we.  From fun, easy, safe to exciting, deep, exploration and everything in-between, OMS is the perfect solution for every dive. 
OMS makes Superior Products for your every dive.  Take a look at our products and share your journey with us into the future as we bring your the best gear for your next adventure.



OMS’s team of engineers and dive industry professionals combine superior designs, premium materials and outstanding workmanship.